Winter Golf

Golf doesn’t just come to a halt during the winter at Carnoustie Golf Links, you can still enjoy your round and have a wonderful experience. Just keep in mind that certain restrictions and parameters come into play between the start of November 2018 and 31st March 2019.

All courses will close for a period for annual maintenance the details of which are below. In order to allow all season ticket holders access to at least one course during the closure periods the undernoted rules will apply. This is midweek only. There will be no upgrade fees payable during the midweek periods as detailed and no guests can be taken if you are upgrading. Any guests taken on during these times will be at the course guest rate. If wishing to play a course for which you are not a ticket holder you may organise a tee time AFTER the ballot has been done.

The closure dates are as follows:-

Championship Course: Monday 12th Nov-Friday 16th Nov inclusive and Monday 25th February 2019-Friday 1st March 2019 inclusive

Burnside: Monday 19th Nov-Friday 30th Nov inclusive (open weekends)

Buddon: Monday 3rd Dec -Friday 14th Dec inclusive (open weekends)

Buddon Closed Burnside Closed Champ Closed
1-Course Season Ticket Holder May play Championship Course or Burnside Free of Charge May play Buddon May play Buddon
2-Course Season Ticket Holder May play Burnside or Championship Course free of charge May play Buddon or Championship free of charge May play Buddon or Burnside
3-Course Season Ticket Holder May play Champ or Burnside May play Champ or Buddon May play Burnside or Buddon

Normal Winter play and rules will apply at the weekends. Mats come into play on all courses on Monday 5th November.

Mats must be used on all fairways.

The courses may be shorter and depending on the daily ground conditions winter greens may come into effect on some or all of the holes.