Winter Golf

Golf doesn’t just come to a halt during the winter at Carnoustie Golf Links, you can still enjoy your round and have a wonderful experience. Just keep in mind that certain restrictions and parameters come into play between the end of October 2017 and 31st March 2018.


The course closure dates are as follows:-

Championship Course – Monday 30th October-Friday 3rd November and Monday 6th November-Friday 10th November inclusive (open weekends)

Buddon Links Course – Monday 13th November-Friday 17th November and Monday 20th November-Friday 24th November inclusive (open weekends)

Burnside Course – Monday 27th November-Friday 1st December and Monday 4th December-Friday 8th December inclusive (open weekends)

Buddon Closed Burnside Closed Champ Closed
Buddon Season Ticket Holder May play Championship Course or Burnside Free of Charge May play Buddon May play Buddon
Burnside Season Ticket Holder May play Burnside or Championship Course free of charge May play Buddon or Championship free of charge May play Buddon or Burnside
Championship Season Ticket Holder May play Champ or Burnside May play Champ or Buddon May play Burnside or Buddon
  • On the Championship Course there are a few bunkers which are marked as GUR that haven’t yet been revetted (indeed some of them will not get revetted at all) as we have removed the sand so that we can screen it with a finer sieve to remove as much shell content as possible. In such bunkers the bunker face should also be treated as GUR.
  • There are ongoing gorse removal works in preparation for The Open. If these areas are not marked as GUR then the ball should be played as it lies.
  • Commencing on 13th November contractors will be on site to install new roads on the 1st, 5th, 15th & 17th holes of the Burnside.
  • On Thursday 30th November the 1st hole on the Buddon will play as a par 3 for an Open Championship planning discussion on the 1st and 18th
  • Greens that are not having pitch marks repaired will be removed from play until such a time as they have recovered.

Normal Winter play and rules will apply at the weekends. Mats must be used on all courses from Monday 30th October.

Mats must be used on all fairways.

To assist essential greenkeeping duties the first tee times midweek may well be behind first light to allow some work to be conducted in daylight. Weekend tee times will be administered to be as early as possible until we return to the point that 6.30am is achieved.