Members Information

Member Loyalty Scheme

As season ticket holders at Carnoustie Golf Links members who use the services and purchase goods provided at the Professional Shop will be rewarded for their loyalty. In order to emphasise this, a Member Loyalty Scheme has been created where members gain points for purchasing goods and services provided by the Club Professional. Saving points results in Reward Discounts. This is pointed out below.

1 point = 50p

For every 50p spent on goods and services provided by the Professional Shop members will receive 1 point. For example, if you purchased a shirt for £35 you would receive 70 points.

250 points = £5 reward discount

When you have saved 250 points you can start to redeem your points! With 250 points you can save £5 on goods and services provided by the Professional Shop. Or keep saving your points and you will gain more reward discounts:

250 points = £5 reward discount
500 points = £10 reward discount
750 points = £15 reward discount
1000 points = £20 reward discount